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Bulletin of The Week

                       The Church at Study


Song Service                                                                                                                                    Lee Venis


Superintendent’s Remarks                                                                                                               JoAnn Vozar


Adult Sabbath School                                                                                                                    Carol Buhler



Children Ministry  Thought 

           Jesus said, " Let little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."                 Matthew 19:14




URGENT Prayer Needs:                 Tom Purdy,  Helen Platt, Kay Randall, Maynard Tennant, Mark Sisley




- Fellowship Dinner - Come join us for lunch!


-Sunshine Band Ministry - January 12 @ 2:30p - Called off


- No Vespers until March 2019   -  we are postponing vespers for the winter months.


Men's Breakfast - Sunday, January 13, 2019- 8:30am - All men and boys are invited to join us for a potluck breakfast, fellowship, and prayer.  Heart lifting.  Edifying.


Church Board - Monday, January 14 @ 7pm (Elders meeting @ 6pm) - Attendance Required


Jan 18th - Day of Fasting & Prayer -  Fasting can be done in different ways.  Most of us will be abstaining form food - drinking  only water.  Others may have a fruit fast, eating only fruit, or fast from a single meal, or fast from sweets, etc.  All of us should refrain from undue distraction, including use of electronics, so we can better focus on the Lord and the Anointing Service 6pm at church that evening.


Prayer Meeting :      Story of Hope - Chapter 2  

Intercessory Prayer 6:30pm | Song Service 6:45pm | Bible Study & Prayer 7:00pm.


Pastor Office Hours-  Pastor Ron will be at the church most Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11:30am.  Call ahead to schedule.

Daniel 1:8 says:  But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself.... There were other plans for him, "BUT" Daniel made a choice to follow God no matter what!  Are there things happening in your life that are dragging you the wrong way?  Make a decision and trust God to help you not defile yourself.  He will.

             (Get more pithy devotional thoughts by subscribing to Daily Inspiration Text at 740-504-1260)



                                                       Coming Events


Sunshine Band Ministry - January 26@ 3:00p - Country Court Nursing Home



Sabbath Ends Tonight:  5:25pm          Next Sabbath Begins Friday:  5;32pm




      Fredericktown Seventh-day Adventist Church


                      The Church at Worship - January 12, 2019


The Welcome Hymn               "I Sing the Mighty Power of God"  (vs 1)                                          No. 088

Children Ministry  Nugget                                                                                                 Children Ministry Team

Welcome and Announcements                                                                                                             Jim Keifer


Introit                                                         Open Our Eyes, Lord                        (congregation kneels)


Invocation                                                                                                                                              Jim Keifer


Song Service                                                                                                                                      Pam Cooper

Hymn of Praise                                     "All Creatures of Our God and King"                                              No. 002

Hymn of Praise                                           "The Lord in Zion Reigneth"                                                     No. 007


Call to Worship                                                  #880

*Opening Song                                              Majesty

Worship In Giving                                    Local Church Budget                                                         Chris Mitchell


* Doxology and Prayer


Children's Story                             Children's Ministry Offering                                                      Tom Purdy


Garden of Prayer                                                                                          Pastor Ron  With help from  Alexis

Prayer Song:                                                "I Cast All My Care"                  (Congregation kneels)

Special Music                                                                                                            Pat Shuster &  Christina Coffing


Scripture  Reading                                                Ezekiel 33:10-11                                             Debbie Kanuckel


Sermon                                                      "The Good News About Hell"                                             Pastor Ron


Hymn of Dedication                                    " I know Whom I Have Believed"                                             No. 086

*Benediction                                                                                                                                         Pastor Ron

*Congregation Stands

   Please Wait for our row to be dismissed by the deacon.

Quote of the Day:    

    How repugnant to every emotion of love and mercy, and even to our sense of justice, is the doctrine that the wicked dead are tormented with fire and brimstone in an eternally burning hell; that for the sins of a brief earthly life they are to suffer torture as long as God shall live.  Yet this doctrine has been widely taught and is still embodied in many of the creeds of Christendom.  said a learned doctor of divinity: "The sight of hell torments will exalt the happiness of the saints forever.  When they see others who are of the same nature and born under the same circumstances, plunged in such misery, and they so distinguished, it will make them sensible of how happy they are." ….

Where , in the pages of God's word, is such teaching to be found?  …. No, no; such is not the teaching of the Book of God.



----Great Controversy * Page 535